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Remy Distribution Ltd.
The Simple Distribution Solution

In 1986 Dale Farm Dairies ceased operations in Dublin and put all their routes up for franchise. Arthur Brett held the position of Depot Manager within the group and decided to gamble and take up one of the franchises operating in Dublin city. He set himself up as a sole trader under the name of Remy Distribution.

In early 1987 he had successfully added the distributorship for Green Isle Frozen Foods to the existing Dale Farm Dairies range of products thus enabling him to widen the company's customer base. Also in this year Remy Distribution amalgamated with another franchisee James O'Reilly, who ran a successful ice-cream distribution business, which then allowed the company cover the entire city and surrounding suburbia.

In 1990 Remy Distribution had introduced a hand held computer system into their workforce thus allowing them to distribute third party goods on behalf of other companies as well as their existing door to door van-sales operation.

Throughout the nineties Remy Distribution operated successfully while expanding their fleet to four vans operating throughout the Leinster region.
Through its successful relationship with Green Isle Foods, Remy Dsitribution started doing van-sales and distribution of the very successful brand that is Cuisine De France in 2002. By early 2005 the company had added 12 rigid trucks to its fleet for the sole purpose of distributing the Cuisine range of goods.

Today, Remy Distribution Ltd operate 19 trucks/vans throughout the Leinster area carrying a vast range of products while catering for our customer's needs. The company still offers the personal van-sales service while also doing third party deliveries and distribution work.

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